IELTS Speaking Tip

An unwritten rule of the IELTS Listening test is that if a candidate stops speaking... 

IELTS Listening Tip

IELTS Listening Tip: Practice The IELTS Listening test comes first, and many candidates... 

Free IELTS Quiz

Are you ready for the IELTS Maximiser? UniRoute’s online IELTS preparation... 

IELTS Tips and Tricks

UniRoute has released valuable Tips and Tricks to support you in your IELTS preparation.... 

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Study Abroad

What to do when your Student Money’s Tight: 5 Solutions

Running into financial difficulties is an inevitable part of being a student. Even... 

Working While You Study in Australia

International students studying in Australia who were granted their student visa... 

Student Broadband: Get Connected Simply

It’s difficult for students. In the UK getting a regular home Internet account... 

Why UniRoute?

UniRoute is dedicated to helping students prepare for entrance into UK and Australian... 

UK Visa Update

Message from the BC – 4 June 2009 The PBS Tier 4 visa application system was... 

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Why UniRoute?

UniRoute is dedicated to helping students prepare for entrance into UK and Australian universities. To that end, UniRoute offers a broad array of services including online assistance with university applications, admissions, accommodations – in short, everything necessary for successful completion of a tertiary degree, a virtual necessity for candidates... [Read more of this review]

Twitter – Follow UniRoute

UniRoute now has established a presence on Twitter. You can follow us using @uniroute Our director Hugh Nelson will be updating Twitter. See you in the Twitteruniverse, we are looking forward to follow you back. follow UniRoute at  Read More →


Earn 20% commission through our affiliate program. By placing our online IELTS course links on your website or in your blogs, you can earn 20% of every sale resulting from your referral links. Our program is free to join and easy to sign-up. How It Works: To become an affiliate, start by signing up at After you create your account with... [Read more of this review]


While we are building up the content for our new student portal, we feel almost sorry that our temorary placeholder only saw the light of the web for a couple of hours. Click here to view our temporary placeholder.  Read More →

We are Relaunching – Please read

Here at UniRoute we are excited about our relaunch that is happening this moment: An all-new that includes all prior features plus many more. We are aiming for more interactivity in the age of Web 2.0 while not discarding proven values. If you wish to contact us while we are building our new student portal, please do so here. Our current... [Read more of this review]

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