IELTS Speaking Tip

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An unwritten rule of the IELTS Listening test is that if a candidate stops speaking for
more than 10 seconds at any point during the task, the penalty could be the loss of a band
point. This is particularly true during the so-called “Long Turn,” when you are expected
to speak unassisted for one to two minutes.
One of the main thing the IELTS Listen task tests is a candidate’s “fluency,” which does
not mean the ability to speak like a native-speaker but simply to speak “flowingly,” that
is, without long pauses. The solution to any problem that may come up in the IELTS
Speaking task is simple and always the same: speak. Find a speaking solution.

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UK Visa Update

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Message from the BC – 4 June 2009

The PBS Tier 4 visa application system was launched at the end of March. We have worked closely with the visa section in providing the new information and guidelines to agents and students, but we are unfortunately faced with a disproportionately high rejection rate for visa applications.

We have dealt with this case as promptly as possible with the visa section at the British Embassy. Here are the immediate first steps we are taking to try and solve this problem:

1. Checklist for a visa letter

As the main reason given for visa rejection is the visa letter itself, the visa section has prepared for us a checklist for the provision of a visa letter with information on specific errors which have occurred. Please see the two files attached for further information. The key message from the visa section is that documents all need to be in order and meet the clear criteria. The Embassy is no longer allowed to use discretion in making decisions. If the documents do not provide the exact information needed then the application will be rejected.

2. Pre-sessional courses

For Thai students going to study for a pre-sessional course and who have had their visas rejected due to the wrong visa letter being submitted by UK institutions, we understand that it will be too late for them to re-apply and wait for another two weeks for the visa.

On discussion with the visa section, it is recommended that the students re-apply immediately. The visa section has agreed with the British Council in Thailand to process these applications quickly if the students mention to the VFS the dates for the beginning of the course, and ask VFS to attach a note to their second application stating the immediacy of the course date.

IELTS Listening Tip

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IELTS Listening Tip: Practice

The IELTS Listening test comes first, and many candidates find it a hard, sometime even discouraging, way to get started. The IELTS Listening task tests a diverse range of skills.

There are many ways to prepare for this portion of the IELTS exam. For starters, there are many practice tapes and CD sets on the commercial market. While all of them are helpful to some degree, the one thing you can be sure of is that none of them will be the IELTS Listening test you take.
The good news is that the best ways to practice IELTS Listening skills are available free
or at low cost. They’re also more fun. They are radio, TV, and movies!
If you have access to an English-language radio or TV station, listen to it as often as
possible. The benefits are many….

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Dissertation Thesis Help

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