Why UniRoute?

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UniRoute is dedicated to helping students prepare for entrance into UK and Australian universities.

To that end, UniRoute offers a broad array of services including online assistance with university applications, admissions, accommodations – in short, everything necessary for successful completion of a tertiary degree, a virtual necessity for candidates seeking professional careers and advancement today.

At the core of UniRoute’s offerings is a carefully integrated set of online courses geared not only to admission to the international university of your choice but also to successful academic performance in your chosen area of specialisation. Our time- and classroom-tested courses now online  include a complete, entirely original up-to-date Online IELTS Preparation Course. You won’t find any of this excellent material elsewhere.

Offering a complete guide to the IELTS examination in all four major English skills areas – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking – it teaches both fundamentals and the less-obvious (some call them “Tricky”) elements of the exam you need to know to get the highest possible IELTS band score. Satisfaction guaranteed!

To make sure that your current level of English skill is adequate for meaningful study of its online IELTS course, UniRoute offers a quick qualifying examination, giving you an immediate “go-ahead” if your skills measure up. UniRoute also offers a unique, more thorough online test that allows you – and, if you wish, university officials — an nearly instantaneous assessment of your current, approximate IELTS band-score status.

UniRoute operates in the conviction that online e-learning is as effective as traditional classroom instruction. It is determined to make top-quality, career-targeted coursework available to candidates whose work or study schedules makes external class schedules problematic – and professionally guided self-learning the best of all options, both financially and time-wise.

Twitter – Follow UniRoute

UniRoute now has established a presence on Twitter. You can follow us using @uniroute

Our director Hugh Nelson will be updating Twitter.

See you in the Twitteruniverse, we are looking forward to follow you back.

follow UniRoute at http://twitter.com


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Earn 20% commission through our affiliate program.

By placing our online IELTS course links on your website or in your blogs, you can earn 20% of every sale resulting from your referral links.
Our program is free to join and easy to sign-up.

How It Works:

  1. To become an affiliate, start by signing up at 2Checkout.com.
  2. After you create your account with 2Checkout, log in here. Once you have logged into your account you can see your Vendor ID in the top left corner of the screen.
  3. Update the 2 fields in the html script below with your Vendor ID (name=’aff_id’) e.g. 1234567 (do not include the #), and Vendor Name (YOUR COMPANY).
  4. Paste the HTML code for the course into your website. You can add your own description for the course using information on our site and change the formatting if needed.
  5. The commissions you have earned on each sale can be viewed by clicking on the ‘List Commissions’ tab on the affiliates page in your 2Checkout.com account.
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While we are building up the content for our new student portal, we feel almost sorry that our temorary placeholder only saw the light of the web for a couple of hours.

Click here to view our temporary placeholder.

We are Relaunching – Please read

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Here at UniRoute we are excited about our relaunch that is happening this moment:

An all-new www.uniroute.net that includes all prior features plus many more. We are aiming for more interactivity in the age of Web 2.0 while not discarding proven values.

If you wish to contact us while we are building our new student portal, please do so here.

Our current students, please access your IELTS preparation course here (link will open in a new window). We will shortly transfer our upgraded IELTS Maximiser online course to a new server and domain.