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IELTS Listening Tip: Practice

The IELTS Listening test comes first, and many candidates find it a hard, sometime even discouraging, way to get started. The IELTS Listening task tests a diverse range of skills.

There are many ways to prepare for this portion of the IELTS exam. For starters, there are many practice tapes and CD sets on the commercial market. While all of them are helpful to some degree, the one thing you can be sure of is that none of them will be the IELTS Listening test you take.
The good news is that the best ways to practice IELTS Listening skills are available free
or at low cost. They’re also more fun. They are radio, TV, and movies!
If you have access to an English-language radio or TV station, listen to it as often as
possible. The benefits are many….

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