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Once you have been accepted by a UK university and gone through the visa procedures, your next concern is to book a flight – how do you get a good deal?

Probably one of the first considerations is whether you should book a single or return flight. There is a myth that single flights are half the price of a return – this is not true. Indeed you may find that the cost of a single ticket is not that much different from the cost of a return. If budget is not a consideration then you will probably chose to fly direct on the national airline. However, if you are more ‘money conscious’ you may consider flying an indirect route via a cheaper carrier. If you choose this option make sure you have enough time to transfer to your next flight (even if you first flight is slightly delayed), but not too much time that you have to sleep in a crowded airport in the middle of nowhere.

If you are booking a return flight make sure that you leave a few extra days after you final exam- timetables often ‘slip’ and you may find that you are scheduled to take an exam the day after you fly home! Also, especially at year end, there are many parties and activities that you may not know about when you book so relax and give yourself a few extra days.

The Internet is a Great Helper

There are many sites on the Internet where you can search for and compare flight prices and details. But be careful not to confuse flight brokers with flight-comparison sites. A flight broker represents a limited number of airlines and so will not necessarily show you the best deal available. A genuine flight comparison site will allow you to broaden your search. Examples of flight comparison sites relevant to the UK would be:

In addition to flight comparison site be sure to check companies such as STA Travel that specialise in  ‘cheap flights for students’- see – for more details.

Do your homework and make sure you are getting the best deal. Always check that there are no hidden surcharges and that you inform your university of your flight arrival since most will arrange a pick-up service for you from the airport.

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